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|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to bit-tone faucet, a site that gives you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~small amounts of bitcoins just for visiting our site~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and filling a simple captcha automatically everytime~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~you complete the faucet and Cryptoo will pay it directly to your~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wallet at a minimum of 20,000 satashi (0.00020000 btc)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
If you have not got a wallet I reccomend getting a Coinbase one HERE
or of course an offline desktop one HERE (although you need alot of
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hard drive space to keep one 200Gb +)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~We also have a unique music system where users can mix their own music~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~online or download an app of an album for offline use,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|~~~~~~~~or just tune into our faucet where you can listen to music streamed from RadioEarn.~~~~~~~~~|

Bit-tone 2018**-